Religion - Worship At The Altar of Rave
hardstyle hardcore

Religion - Worship At The Altar of Rave

Halo Bournemouth

Halo Bournemouth Exeter Rd, Bournemouth, BH2 5AQ, UNITED KINGDOM
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In March 2017 two fierce titans of modern day rave music converged on the holy grounds of Halo in Bournemouth and cried a bold statement of intent!

A new dominant sect was formed and an event like no other was born. Lineup, Production and Quality levels surpassed anything else that has been seen before. Followers flocked to the altar of rave and a new Religion was born.

Friday 10th November 2017. Twisted Events & Lethal Theory return to the church for another edition of RELIGION.

This new entity will continue to bring together the apex of musical prowess all under one roof....

UK Hardcore // Hardstyle // Freestyle // European Hardcore

Music is our Religion... Worship at the alter of Rave
Limited Early Birds & VIP tickets go on sale Wed 29th March at 19:00 -

HALO operates stictly NO ID = NO ENTRY


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